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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I had read so many positive reviews of Eleanor & Park that I decided to take a chance and buy this one. I normally do not enjoy love stories... at all. I tend to find them boring, and I cringe at the clich├ęs that seem to be inevitable. But these two characters! I just loved them.

I didn't expect Eleanor to be such a tragic figure. I didn't expect Park to be this quiet, sweet boy who found clever ways to be kind without inciting ridicule from others. Everything about their relationship is so sweet and honest and anything but contrived, I didn't roll my eyes - not even once.

And talk about flashing back to being a kid in the 1980's. Comic books. Skinny Puppy. "Gene Wilder in the chocolate factory." Walkmans. Mix tapes.

Eleanor & Park is a great story. Rainbow Rowell has perfectly captured the thrill (and the awkwardness) of first love. Thoroughly enjoyed this!