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Speeding Down the Spiral: An Artful Adventure - Deborah Goodman Davis, Sophy Naess Speeding Down the Spiral appeals to all ages, children and adults alike. I think many can relate to Lizzie's initial attitude toward visiting the museum. My daughter (almost 4) and I both got a huge kick out of the book's slapstick humor; a snowball of chaos ensues as more and more people join in to chase the runaway stroller down the spiral ramp.

The stark, white background of each page mirrors the d├ęcor of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, where the story takes place. One's attention is drawn to the illustrations, as well as the works of art that appear on each page. Illustrator Sophy Naess proves that children don't have to see busy illustrations to be drawn to a book; a simple, well-done design can be just as attractive.

The end of the book contains more details information about each piece of art that appears in the story, as well as a brief glossary of art terms.

Speeding Down the Spiral is educational in a subtle and natural way, focusing on a fun story complete with an exciting chase!