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Because I Said So! : The Truth Behind the Myths, Tales, and Warnings Every Generation Passes Down to Its Kids - Ken Jennings This review is based on the audiobook version.

Author Ken Jennings is the Jeopardy! contestant who held an incredibly long 74-game winning streak back in 2004. His book Because I Said So! is the Snopes of "parental folklore," covering a multitude of common things parents have said to their children, generation after generation.

Jennings explores these statements one by one, revealing what science has to say about each. He also looks into how some of the myths originated, which I found fascinating. Many statements turn out to be urban legends and old wives' tales, but a number of them are declared truth. Jennings ends each topic with a verdict (True, Mostly True, Mostly False, or False) and gives alternate solutions and suggestions for those he debunks. He shows his sense of humor, too: Popsicles by the pool? Fine. Peach vodka popsicles? Maybe less so.

I do think the book ended too suddenly. After the final "verdict," there were no closing or summarizing thoughts, only "This concludes Because I Said So!. Please visit our website..." That felt odd to me.

Ken Jennings has a very pleasant voice and speaks clearly. He also speaks quickly. Personally, I appreciated that, but once in a while he gets on a roll and it's almost too fast. If you prefer a slower pace when you listen, you may want to hear a sample before buying.

Jennings kept my interest throughout the duration of the audiobook (about 5 hours), and I actually found it difficult to hit the pause button. The amount of time spent on each topic was perfect. If you enjoy trivia, popular science, or tend to question the things people say, I'm sure you'll enjoy Because I Said So! as much as I did.